The Captains are the people the only people that Franky the Shark speaks to. They are in charge of various aspects of running Drowntown.

Road HouseEdit

Road House is the Captain of security in Drowntown.

He is known as the second scariest person in Drowntown, after Franky.

He is a shit-kicker, not an investigator. For investigating he rellies on Charger.


Rum is the Captain in charge of the Divers who dive into the water to scavenge for things.


Rufe is the Captain in charge of dealing with the outside world. He is the one who sets up the majority of trading that is done between Drowntown and other holdings.


Marble-Top is the Captain of the Swans or Gandeliers the people that transport others or things around the city. Almost all of their boats are human powered.


Whitmont the Saavyhead is the Captain in charge of repairing things in Drowntown and creating whatever is needed by franky or the Captains.

Whitmont's workspace and Franky's Garden are the only two places that have electricity in Drowntown.