Franky the SharkEdit

Franky the Shark is the leader of Drowntown. She is known predominently for two things, being ruthless and for her false teeth made from those of a shark.

Franky in Versity CityEdit

Franky was originally part of Ebbs's crew. She was the partner of the driver Steed, and went along with Ebbs, Steed, Doom, and Marsh to recover the most intact car anyone in Versity City had ever seen.

At one point Franky and Ebbs were captured by KO, the leader of Lockheed, where she was tortured by having her teeth yanked out of her mouth.

Eventually she was saved at the Battle of Lockheed even when she was being used by KO as a human sheild on the top of a tank.

Franky's CodeEdit

After the problems with the SGA back in Versity City, Franky only talks to the 5 Captains in Drowntown - people she has appointed to head up various aspects of running the holding. No one aside from the Captains are aloud to speak to Franky and touching her is completely forbidden.

When Franky determines that a violation of her laws has been committed, she punishes the offender by having them dive down and bring up a certain quantity of dirt - which is determined by the severity of the infraction.

Some of the violations include: touching her, speaking to her if the person isn't a Captain, touching any of the gates that block off the bottom floors of the buildings, or mentioning Ebbs at all.