Foster was one of the three SGA Presidents of Versity City (along with Millions and Tumtum ).  Her specialty was dealing with other holdings and making sure everyone got what they needed at home.

She used pretty words, fucking, and violence (not by her own hand of course) in pretty much equal measure.

Of the three SGA Presidents, she was the worst one to cross since she was most likely to hold grudges and knew about every deal that went on in the city--and had the power to stop those deals if need be

Foster's CrewEdit

Foster's right hand man was Super Target.  Super Target also happened to be Millions little brother, which caused all sorts of animosity between the two Presidents.  

She also considerd Ebbs to be part of her crew, but that's kind of debatable.  He had his own crew that didn't answer to her, for one.  She never trusted him (even after all the sex), for another.  

Foster's DeathEdit

Foster died at the Battle of Lockheed.  I think?