Bluenote was a citizen of Versity City.  Her current wareabouts are unknown.

Versity CityEdit

Bluenote was in charge of the greenhouse and, thus, she provided most of the food for the city that didn't bleed when you killed it. She also grew some interesting herbs and such that could help ease pain.

Bluenote inherited the greenhouse from her dad.  Apparently he was some kind of veggie scientist or something in the Time Before.  Like most scientist types, he didn't last long.

Bluenote was technically part of Tumtum's crew, but he gave her pretty much free reign to do what she wanted.

Bluenote and DoomEdit

Doom and Bluenote had kind of an unrequited love thing going on.  Apparently, she wasn't all that into him though because when he finally started talking to her and asking for help with things (notably looking after the orphans) she wasn't none pleased.

She was also present at the Battle of Lockheed.  Maybe she died?